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Sometimes there is a nagging feeling that there could be more to life, core clarity, more focus, more direction, more balance, more of a sense of purpose, more happiness, more inner peace.

Coaching sessions with Phoenix Consulting helps you to get the best out of yourself and your life. We build on your personal strengths, and resources, strengthening your sense of self, and resilience, focusing on possibilities, and maximising your potential.


We all want to be happy. This is the desire of everyone I have talked with. Being happy improves physical health, improves creativity, and enables us to make better decisions.

Research of people’s assessments of their own happiness and life satisfaction tells us that age, gender, parenthood, intelligence, physical attractiveness and money do not really make a person happy, nor do health, social activity and religion per se, but genetics, love and relationship satisfaction, work satisfaction and inner contentment strongly correlate with happiness.

But correlation is not enough. Happiness is not determined by objective factors, but by how we feel about them. We need to think about WHO we are, WHAT makes us happy, WHAT makes us unhappy, HOW we can be happy, and How to increase the measure of happiness in our life.

In order to be happy, we need to first find an inner contentment, so that no matter what happens in our day, week, month, year or life, that contentment is the foundation of our happiness. We cannot be happy ALL the time, because things happen that cause us sadness, grief, pain, upset, anger. There is a need to accept our changing emotions and know that every experience is life has a positive learning within it.

Knowing WHO we are, our beliefs, values, character, personality, essence, builds the foundation of happiness. If we choose to be happy, then we also need to give up our negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that have not worked for us, to align with happiness as a way of life.

Changed attitudes can change lives. We focus on HOW to make the difference, rather then WHY you are struggling with the problem. Coaching is solution focused, rather than problem focused. We tailor your sessions to you, to ensure you get the results you want, helping you to achieve change quickly, with lasting results.

Phoenix Consulting can help you to define the essence of who you are, and help establish the foundation of contentment and happiness. When you have that foundation you are on the way to Success.

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