Hi, I am Anita Moleta and I have been working as a therapist for the past 30 years. I have had huge success in helping people heal from past traumas and move on to become successful in their adulthood and become who they want to be.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP I am offering coaching to enable people to achieve success in any area of their lives. There are so many areas that NLP can have an amazing effect on people.

To achieve success, it is important that we align our behaviours with our values. The values elicitation process helps us to consciously define our values, and we can then evaluate our behaviours in line with these.

If we have been struggling with an internal conflict, this could be because of a struggle between two sets of values - i.e. helping or keeping others happy, and wanting what is important to you. The conflict resolution process can help resolve this.

For children struggling with their school work, the spelling and learning strategy, can turn them around, from feeling useless and a loser, to getting the results that teachers and parents want, at the same time helping them to feel better about themselves.

The phobia cure is an amazing process that quickly eliminates phobias (within 5 minutes!). Be it fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of confined spaces, fear of people, fear of open spaces, etc.

I also offering training in NLP to enable people to improve and transform their communication skills. TRANSFORMING COMMUNICATION

As a Christian I am passionate about teaching these skills within the church body. My BREAKTHROUGH programme will enable those in ministry to communicate more effectively with those they are working with.

Having been in counselling for 21 years, I am keen for counsellors to extend their skills. My programme NLP - EMPOWERING THERAPY will revolutionise your practise.

Contact me today to arrange one-hour consultation to see if coaching is for you. Coaching is a wonderful journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self empowerment. I work only with a face to face model.

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