Coaching Sessions

Coaching session can help you to define the essence of who you are, and help establish the foundation of contentment and happiness. When you have that foundation you are on the way to Success.

Our coaching sessions are focused on you and what you want to achieve. There may be things you want to change, e.g. if you have identified something that is stopping you being successful, that can be addressed and easily changed. We help you to establish what you want NOW and in the FUTURE and enable you to set outcomes to help ensure your success.

We focus on HOW to make the difference, rather then WHY you are struggling with the problem. Coaching is solution focused, rather than problem focused. We tailor your sessions to you, to ensure you get the results you want, helping you to achieve change quickly, with lasting results.

Sometimes we do have to explore the past to heal a trauma in order to release you to move forward, and not keep repeating the same pattern. Re-Emergence Therapy or Time Line Therapy (Trademark) is excellent for doing this, and within one session blockages can be removed. Rapid Eye Movement Therapy can desensitise anxiety or trauma.

We offer a 3 session special package. Phone or email to discuss this with us. If you have more complex needs, then more sessions may be required which we can negotiate.

Many people have found that they self-sabotage. What is this about? It could come from a fear of a being successful, or even a fear of failing. It could be that ones values and behaviours are out of alignment, or showing incongruence. The ‘Values Elicitation’ exercise can help to bring this into awareness and enable you to become more congruent.

You can learn how our attitudes, behaviours and emotions are developed, and then explore how you got your current results and how to choose alternatives. You will learn how to make changes and process your emotions and experience more relaxation and happiness to help you move forward. You may even discover resources inside you that you did not know you had.

We tailor your sessions to you, to ensure you get the results you want. Our cost-effective coaching, using a combination of techniques to help you achieve change more quickly, has lasting results. Do you have questions? Contact me now to find out more or to clarify which package will suit you best.


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