Hypnotherapy is the art of helping a client to create the changes they desire. This is achieved by assisting the client to go into an 'altered state' of awareness, in order to bypass the conscious, critical mind and to communicate with the sub-conscious mind where emotional and physical responses come from.

People naturally go into altered states on a daily basis. This could be when they go into a day-dream while they are driving, or even in a normal conversation, when telling a story about something that happened a while ago, they are in that story, and not fully present in the now. That is an altered state. Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe, controlled and effective way of helping a person go into an altered state in order to achieve a desired positive change.

Hypnotherapy is effective for modifying behavior, reducing emotional distress and anxiety, for relaxation, increasing motivation, addressing stress-related illness, pain management, habit changing (i.e. stop smoking, weight control, stopping nail biting,overcome addictions), addressing past traumas, resolving internal conflicts, and improve personal development.

As a Christian I am very conscious of the need for integrity and for practising in a spiritually safe manner. My style of clinical hypnotherapy is based on relaxation and guided imagery, often incorporating Gestalt therapy, clean language, and other therapy models, and is guided by the Holy Spirit.
You are aware of everything that is being said.

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