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"Upcoming Workshop:
When giant Monsters Roar/ Memory Matters
with Dr. Allison Lamont.

Friday 18th November 2016 9.30 - 5pm.
Venue: Campbell Tyson Conference Room.
Wesley St, Pukekohe.
$150 early bird closes 30th October 2016.
Email: to book your place.

Dr Alison Lamont is a Neuro Psychologist, and will present on the effects of Trauma on the Brain. The 2nd part of her workshop will look at the effects of Dementia.
She will also present ways to help the brain to be healthy.

email for a flyer, and to register."

Learn the art of rapport, reflection, and understanding what is actually happening in a person,
while you are ministering to them.

BREAKTHROUGH: Understanding Communication - especially created for Christian Ministry Teams

This amazing programme will enable your ministry team to learn how to listen to and facilitate change in those they pray for and minister to.

God has made us amazing people. Our brains are capable of doing far greater than we are consciously aware of. He has also enabled many great people to understand to some degree how the brain works.

We store our experiences within our memories on our internal Time Line.
We access our emotional memories visually, auditory or kinaesthetically. You can learn how to understand how you, and others store and access your memories. When you understand this, you will be more attuned to helping people release and let God heal painful experiences.

Jesus connected with those he ministered to, by telling them stories that had importance and meaning to them. How did he know what style of story to tell. Because he observed them, and knew how they were processing information. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and his own knowledge He was always ‘spot on’.

NLP - Empowering Therapy course for Counsellors

Rapport Building skills
Understanding Communication
Modality shifts
Meta Model
Belief Change Strategies
Building Self Esteem
Forgiving Self
Forgiving Others

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Fascinating new ways to achieve your goals and create the kind of life you want.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an extraordinary model for personal change. NLP coaching provides a unique opportunity to learn practical strategies and skills that empower you to take control.

Find new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and clarity that can take you forward with renewed energy. This is transformational coaching.

In the same way that athletes have a coach that helps them prepare and train their body to reach their goals, I help people achieve their goals by helping them train and utilise their mind. Using a range of techniques including NLP and hypnotherapy, coaching focuses on you, and offers rapid and lasting change. Discover what NLP is all about and how it can help you.

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